The BASE Rack is available in a number of widths and lengths to complement the vast range of 4WDs on the market.

Sold standard as a low-profile platform rack, it can easily transform into a touring or trade rack by simply installing the rail system that best suits your needs!



The BASE Rack is available in nine sizes to suit a huge range of vehicle applications.

As each rack size decreases, the rack drops one internal beam. The strength of the BASE Rack has also allowed the exclusive fitment of a 1,835mm rack to the full range of ARB canopies.

1,255 MM (L) X 1,155 MM (W)

5 Beams

1,255 MM (L) X 1,285 MM (W)

5 Beams

1,545 MM (L) X 1,285 MM (W)

6 Beams

1,545 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

6 Beams

1,835 MM (L) X 1,155 MM (W)

7 Beams

1,835 MM (L) X 1,285 MM (W)

7 Beams

1,835 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

7 Beams

2,125 MM (L) X 1,285 MM (W)

8 Beams

2,125 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

8 Beams

2,415 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

9 Beams

2,705 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

10 Beams

2,995 MM (L) X 1,445 MM (W)

11 Beams

As each size reduces, the BASE Rack drops an internal beam. The strength of the BASE Rack has also allowed the exclusive fitment of a 1835mm rack to the full range of ARB Canopies.



The net payload for BASE Rack is calculated by subtracting the weight of the BASE Rack and the vehicle mounting kit from the vehicle’s roof capacity. The vehicle’s roof load capacity may vary between models and driving conditions, please refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for model and condition-specific roof load capacities.


The BASE Rack system is available in full, quarter, three-quarter and trade configurations. The rails attach quickly and easily to the dovetail extrusion around the rack’s perimeter with some additional fixing points at the rack corners.

BASE Rack owners can have a full guard rail system on or off in just a few minutes!


The BASE Rack is extremely flexible and can easily adapt to suit your needs


Designed for the tourer. The rails running around the perimeter of the rack act as a load block, helping to prevent larger items such as swags and tents from shifting when loading and unloading, as well as during transit.


A cross between full and trade rails, 3/4 rails, along with an optional roller kit, assist with easy rear loading of large and awkward items while still providing load security at the front of the rack. Also designed for rear folding rooftop tents, subject to tent width.

1/4 Rails

Perfect for campers, this style of rail is great for rooftop tents while still providing ample storage and load security at the front of the rack.

Trade Rails

The trade option; great for loading long items such as timber and ladders with an optional roller kit to help glide long or awkward items onto the rack. The side rails prevent items from slipping or rolling of the rack during loading and allow you to fill the rack right up to the edge.


Mounting kits are available for fitment to all Ascent, Classic and Classic Plus canopies of current model (and a selection of older model) dual-cab utes. Mounting systems are available for all gutter mount vehicles which ARB already has a solution for, while new blade rail mounting systems have been developed for the Toyota LandCruiser 200, Prado 90, 120 and 150 as well as the Jeep Wrangler JL.

This range will expand with more wagon applications, as well as a comprehensive range of dual cab ute cabin applications.


ARB now offers a two-piece BASE Rack Van application. BASE Rack is now suited to a range of lifestyle and trade vans, with an extensive range of ARB accessories to suit your lifestyle.

The current range of Vans we have the BASE Rack on offer include Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter, Volkswagen Crafter and Ford Transit.

In the table below, you’ll find a list of canopies and vehicles which BASE Rack mounting systems are currently available for.
Please note: Mount kits are not available for all rack sizes for all vehicles and canopies.

Vehicle Fitments