For a quick and easy recovery solution in sand, mud and snow, bushingranger X-Trax are made with heavy-duty rubber with galvanized steel cables and fittings and come in a quick release carry bag.

ARB Strap Wrap

Manufactured from 50mm wide polyester webbing, the ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unravelled while being carried or when in storage.

Soft Connect Shackle

Rated at 14.5T breaking strength and suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T, the ARB Soft Connect Shackle is engineered to float in water and provide superior strength during recovery missions.


Available in four practical sizes for all your recovery needs.


Recovery Gloves are essential for any recovery situation, being working with a strap, rope or wire or even digging or using a chainsaw, gloves will keep your hands generally protected.

Drag Chain

Five metres in length, this high tensile steel drag chain comes in a handy storage bucket.