RIDING HIGH – Update for the New Toyota HiLux

20th April, 2021
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In showrooms now, Toyota’s new HiLux is a bolder, tougher looking addition to its range. Launched with an expanded line-up and significant improvements to performance, fuel economy, ride comfort and towing, the HiLux offers beefier output from its biggest-selling 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine due to multiple new components and enhanced cooling.

An increase of its maximum power sees 150 kilowatts (up 15.3%) while peak torque on automatic models has been ramped up to 500 newton metres (up 11.1%). Fuel consumption has also been improved by up to 11.1%. Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley boasts of the 2020 HiLux reaching new heights in blending performance, toughness, comfort and quality. “Equally, the latest changes will advance HiLux’s credentials among customers who demand the handling, ride comfort and convenience of an SUV.” In preparation for this formidable off-road machine, ARB engineers have been hard at work, designing and developing an arsenal of accessories to make your new HiLux even more capable.


Whilst the 2020 HiLux is visually similar to the 2018 model, the front end of the vehicle has received a new treatment, including parking sensors. Because of this, ARB engineers have designed and developed a whole new Summit bull bar to suit. ARB Product Manager for Fabricated Products Steve Sampson explains, “Whilst inner and outer chassis mount brackets and some of the trim pieces were maintained, a whole list of new elements of the Summit bar have needed to be designed. This includes new wings, upper and lower pans, cover straps and uprights, outer frames and under panels.” The HiLux Summit bar features the latest styling from ARB, including pressform cover straps, larger ARB fog lights and surrounds, three-piece split pan grille with access door and a recessed winch control box mount for a sleek appearance.

HiLux Summit Bar Features and Benefits:

  • Vehicle-specific design for Toyota HiLux SR/SR5 wide body from 08/20 (06/20 build)
  • Wing design provides greater strength and maintains an optimum offset approach angle
  • 30-millimetre wing and centre section edge radius offers increased strength while complementing the modern HiLux design
  • Off road jacking points for effective recovery
  • Winch compatibility for Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low-mount models up to 10,000 pounds
  • Steel uprights attached to the mounting system provide maximum support and strike protection
  • Larger 60.3-millimetre mandrel steel tubing provides increased frontal protection and greater visual styling
  • Aerial brackets and driving light provision
  • Tested and confirmed compatible with OE safety systems
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Toyota HiLux owners can greatly benefit from a set of side rails and steps for outstanding protection and easier access to your vehicle. Manufactured for fitting to the already released Summit bull bar, the Summit side rails and steps have a 60.3-millimetre tube and plastic single-bolt clamp system.

HiLux Summit Side Rails and Steps Features:

  • Vehicle-specific design suits dual-cab and extra-cab wide body variants of the Toyota HiLux
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Compatible with side curtain airbags
  • Anodised step extrusion featuring ridges for additional grip


Much like the ARB Summit bull bar, many elements of the Commercial bar required redesigning from our engineering team. “The changes to the vehicle have required the development of a new upper pan, wings and uprights of the bar assembly,” Steve Sampson explains. “As the surface area of the top pan has reduced whilst retaining the necessary access points for winch access, the material used has been increased to three millimetres thick.”

 HiLux Commercial Bar Features:

  • Vehicle-specific design for Toyota HiLux SR/SR5 wide body from 08/20 (06/20 build)
  • 1-millimetre steel centre frame tube and 60.3-millimetre outer frame tube for added strength
  • Recessed indicators for protection against branches and road debris
  • Engineered, airbag-compatible mounting system secures to the chassis
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre tube
  • Secure driving light mounting points
  • Twin off road jacking points
  • Winch compatibility for Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount models up to 10,000 pounds (Supplementary winch installation kit required to install winch control box.)


After extensive testing, fitment for the 2020 facelifted WorkMate and SR HiLux models has been confirmed for the SmartBar SpartanBar. Offering superior protection for your HiLux, the SpartanBar is engineered to be lightweight and incredibly safe. Maintaining all of the Toyota HiLux safety systems, the SpartanBar is compatible with Lane Departure Assist and Lane Tracing, Pre-Collision Systems, Road Sign Assist and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.


HiLux SpartanBar Features:

  • Constructed from hollow polyethylene plastic, providing users with excellent vehicle protection without a significant increase in weight
  • Meets Australian Standards for user and pedestrian safety, as per testing conducted at the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR)
  • Airbag compatible to ensure maximum possible vehicle and passenger protection
  • Available in winch and non-winch compatibility versions
  • Provides a secure mounting point for a range of spotlights, UVP and recovery points


Being a medium-sized utility vehicle, the Toyota HiLux is suited to both commercial and recreational uses. During development, OME engineers focused on increasing ride height and load-carrying capability whilst improving comfort, control and ride quality on all surfaces. A range of front springs, with matching shocks, were developed to cater for differing vehicle set-ups and front ride height increases of approximately 40 millimetres were achieved without the need for costly modification. A front trim packer was developed to further fine-tune front ride heights. Rear ride height increases of approximately 40 millimetres were also achieved to maintain the factory vehicle rake, with greaseable shackles, providing multiple options depending on the intended loads to be carried. An XL leaf has also been developed to assist with fine-tuning the weight-carrying capacity. Available in both OME Nitrocharger Sport and BP-51 suspension systems.


For Toyota HiLux owners who plan on driving long distances, are concerned about the quality and price of fuel in remote areas or are sick and tired of filling up jerry cans that take up much needed storage space, the ARB Frontier long-range tank is the perfect solution. Manufactured from resilient cross-linked polymer, each Frontier tank provides strength, rigidity and reliability, whilst also providing a significant weight reduction over steel long-range tanks. The UV-stable plastic ensures these tanks will survive in the most hostile environments. For pricing and availability to fit out your new Toyota HiLux contact your local ARB store or stockist.

The product range for the new HiLux is constantly getting updated – check the latest info with your local ARB dealer.