9th June, 2021
SportLid0220_935-scaled 1096×480


Storage and styling solutions for your dual-cab pick-up are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The varied purposes and common uses for our vehicles differ not only from owner to owner but often from day to day, so it’s important to find a solution that best suits your lifestyle. ARB offers storage solutions for both wagons and pick-ups including drawers, cargo bags and boxes, canopies, hard lids, roof bars, roof racks, roof pods and more. 

We also released a range of new Sportlids to suit current model HiLux, Ranger, Amarok, Navara NP300 and Colorado with plans to add many other new and existing models in the coming months.


While a full-height canopy is great for additional storage away from the weather, others prefer the sleek styling of a hard lid without compromising on security and the ability to carry an extra roof load. A Sportlid helps keep the load low on the vehicle for improved handling and fuel economy. suitable for a rooftop tent and the static load will comfortably handle your rooftop tent with occupants, luggage, etc. Security and over-bed load carrying (both under and above the cover) are two distinct advantages over a standard soft tonneau or many rolltops, which are less secure or have bulky mechanisms that take up precious cargo space.


The all-in-one construction of ARB’s Sportlid coupled with the unique hinge operation means that customers can choose to run their hard lid with or without a factory Sportsbar, as the lid opens away from the cabin and allows clearance for the Sportsbar to pivot with the lid. The standard gas-assist struts make both the opening and closing operation effortless while the optional heavy-duty strut upgrade caters for up to 25 kilograms of static load. This means you can still comfortably open the lid with up to 25 kilograms of mounted load (push bikes, timber, swag, etc.).


The newest Sportlid hard lid supersedes the earlier model with several upgrades to better suit our customers. Improvements include a simplified mounting rail, which provides a reduction in fitting time, weight and complexity. Additionally, the hinging mechanism has been redefined for smoother and easier operation. The handle has also been changed from a soft press recess to a sturdy swing-away grip, which offers a grab point for both opening and closing the lid.



But with that 1,000-litre bed comes a few compromises:

  1. Styling: At the back end of your sculptured modern vehicle, an open tub can present as an unfinished component, while the addition of a Sportlid provides a continuation of aesthetic lines and seamless integration.
  2. Weather protection: Unless you opt for an accessory tonneau for your cargo and your pick-up bed, it is forever open to the elements as well as prying eyes. And even with a soft tonneau, weather protection can be seriously limited. Needless to say, the Sportlid offers full rain and wind protection with superior protection against dust ingress.
  3. Security: Shutting the boot and walking away with confidence is impossible without an impenetrable lid. Open or soft-covered beds are about as secure as a work yard guarded by a pug. And there is no comparison in the level of security many roll-tops offer when viewed alongside a single-piece ABS Sportlid.
  4. Accessibility: It would be hard to argue the accessibility, it’s pretty much reach and grab. If you have opted for a soft tonneau, accessibility can be a bit fiddly. However, the Sportlid is as simple as twisting the handle and lifting.
  5. Cargo carrying: The Sportlid is more than just a secure lid, it’s also a platform suitable for bike racks, luggage pods, roof racks, timber, rooftop tents and more while keeping all your heavier, bulkier, weather sensitive, prized cargo under wraps. Note: For those wanting to call on their three mates and relocate that fridge, the Sportlid can be removed from the vehicle at home by two people in under five minutes.


ABS – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Let’s start with how tough it is. It’s what Lego is made from. Have you ever stood on a piece of Lego? It will bring the toughest men to their knees; as a product, it is basically indestructible. ABS is a thermoplastic and is melted down into a glass-like substance and formed into perfectly shaped products, ideal for automotive painting with a smooth articulate surface to match your 4WD’s body. ABS is also easily recyclable to create new ABS products, which is great for all the obvious reasons. A standard and favourable feature of the material is its strong resistance to physical impacts.


The shells of ARB’s Sportlid and canopy range are manufactured in New Zealand, while the canopies are all assembled and painted in Australia. 

Contact your local ARB dealer for pricing and availability.