BASE Rack Applications & Accessories

8th November, 2022
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FULL OF POSSIBILITY – ARB BASE Rack Applications & Accessories

Initially available for wagons and canopies, the BASE Rack application list has now been expanded to include a number of dual-cab rack options. Its development puts it in line with competition when it comes to ease of use, engineering excellence and innovation. Since its release in 2020, customers have embraced its ingenuity and ability to be personalised. With a host of new accessories, it is bound to get tongues wagging once again.


Combining its fully welded construction with its unique lateral cross-beam design, the BASE Rack boasts a strength that removes the need for additional sub-frame supports; the result is a super low roof rack offering improved clearance and sleek vehicle integration.

Available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit a growing range of 4WDs, configure the BASE Rack as a flat platform or add guard rails to provide partial or fully enclosed sides – the choice is yours!

The BASE Rack’s unique side mounting dovetail extrusion means you’ll have more uninterrupted cargo space with greater flexibility when choosing mounting locations. Each accessory attaches to the rack with a simple clamp mount – from Hi-Lift™ Jack mounts and recovery boards to a custom BASE Rack light bar!

Add some rails of your choice: There are four options for the guard rails, which themselves are interchangeable. You’re provided with a choice of full rails, 1/4 rails, ½ rails and trade rails. Pick your accessories: What are you wanting to carry? ARB’s range of accessories includes everything from awning brackets to light bars and jack mounts. All easy to attach and remove from the BASE Rack.


ARB engineers have been working tirelessly to develop racks to suit popular 4WD vehicles and with vehicle-specific mounting kits, you can rest assured each system is made to last while being

secure and robust.

To add to the host of applications to suit both wagon and dual-cab, canopy and cab rack options, the following mounting kits are also now available:

  • Cab rack mount kit for PXIII Wildtrak and Next-Gen MY22 Ford Rangers
  • Dual-cab mount kit for 200 Series
  • Cab rack mount kit for FJ Cruiser

(1255 and 2125 variations)

  • Blade rack mount kit for 300 Series
Rack Application Chart

Busy, modern-day lifestyles mean that it is more important than ever to spend as much time as possible doing the things you love. Whether that be camping, 4WDing or exploring local and interstate destinations, time is valuable. The ARB BASE Rack was created around these

values. It was designed to ensure you spend more time exploring and getting out there. Swapping accessories and gear on your rack has never been easier or quicker with the BASE Rack.

It’s packed full of features and is completely customisable. The process is simple and your ARB dealer will be happy to help along the way.


Accessory fitment is one of the things that makes the BASE Rack so unique. Each accessory has been meticulously created by ARB engineers with both innovative design and ease of use in mind. From awning brackets to gas bottle and jerry can holders, there is something to mount everything quickly and safely. Adding, removing and repositioning accessories and roof loads is quick and simple with the BASE Rack’s dovetail system, making it easier to install and remove individual items without disturbing any other cargo or lashing points. Adding to the list of options, the following accessories are now also available:

Wiring Kits

The wring system for fitting accessories can be neatly installed from inside the vehicle or through the vehicle or canopy roof. Two kits have been developed. The first kit has six wires (three circuits) already pre-installed to ensure sealed wiring. The second kit has provisions for six wires, allowing different wiring solutions depending on your individual requirements.

Auxiliary Light

Bright and compact, the BASE Rack Auxiliary Light includes a unique bracket that can be installed on any part of the dovetail system on the roof rack. Perfect for lighting up work and campsites, this light packs a punch with two 10-watt OSRAM LEDs, providing strong lighting that spreads over a large area. Being compact at 72.4 millimetres wide and 56.2 millimetres high (2.8 inches by 2.21 inches), it allows for mounting in so many close-fitting areas and also inboard from the edge of the BASE Rack to minimise damage on tight tracks and city parking.

Heavy-Duty Awning Bracket

Suits awnings up to 30 kilograms and with quick-release slots, this awning bracket is easy to both install and remove. It attaches to the outer perimeter dovetail and cross beam of the BASE Rack and has high and low mount position options.

Bridge Plate (Narrow & Wide)

Bridge plates are available in two options depending on the use intended and can be mounted between the cross beams of the BASE Rack. The narrow bridge plates are perfect for mounting rooftop tents. The wide option is great for mounting aerials, sand flags, some beacons, RotopaX™ and round driving lights.

Horizontal & Vertical Mounts (Wide & Narrow)

Use these to mount either vertically or horizontally on your BASE Rack. The narrow mounts can mount items up to three kilograms (per bracket) and the wide up to six kilograms (per bracket). Perfect to attach items such as solar panels, aerials and work lights.



Light bar fitment on 4WDs is more important than ever and different vehicles and set-ups require different fitment placement. Suitable for single-bolt, end-mount light bars and work lights, these versatile light bar mounts have three different options:

Dovetail mount: Can attach to the dovetail anywhere on the BASE Rack and can hold items up to three kilograms (per pair).

Underneath mount: Can attach to the bottom of the BASE Rack cross beams and can hold items up to 3.5 kilograms (per pair).

Mount with front BASE Rack guard rail: This option is required when mounting the ARB BASE Rack Light Bar.



This nut and bolt kit comes in a set of four and can attach to the dovetail on any location on the rack, giving this set the ability to securely fasten cargo to your ARB BASE Rack in different positions with ease.


Contact your local ARB dealer for pricing and availability.